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Summer 2021


Friend of Milestone,

I hope and pray that you, your friends and family are safely navigating through the COVID pandemic in a spot where you can appreciate life and look forward to better times. This has been a game-changer, but like so many times throughout the course of history we come together, experience a deeper appreciation for the gifts we’ve received and lead the next generation toward the light of the future.

We have not returned to our pre-COVID lifestyle, but we’ve made progress. Many of the individuals we serve have returned to Day Training, family visits are back. We continue to don masks and follow safety protocols, but we’re closer to life as we knew it, though we’ve had some “stops and starts”. The Delta strain has put a damper on our spirits as summer comes to a close.

For many, the difficulty of the past year involves the mental strain, the loss of friends and family. Despite a fair amount of COVID infection, our individuals and staff faired quite well. Unfortunately many individuals and staff experienced loss. And as we all know, the opportunity to visit loved ones, especially during this most difficult time was lost. The mental anguish of COVID will be with us for some time. We are doing our best to help individuals and staff cope with their loss.

While the economy has opened up there are a large number of adults yet to return to work. We are experiencing a staffing shortfall unlike anything we’ve seen before. It is impacting operations as we are stretching dedicated staff and supervisors. These people who battled through COVID are now facing grueling schedules, many working 80 hours or more each week. We need your help. Soon you’ll be seeing billboards and television commercials making it abundantly clear, “We’re Hiring”. If you know of anyone looking to work in a meaningful field, doing God’s work, let them know we’re in need. Competitive wages, health insurance, 401k, self-scheduling and a good night’s sleep knowing they are doing good work.

P.S. Share the link: with those looking to make a difference in lives.