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Spring 2022


Friend of MILESTONE,

Summer, 2022. As a supporter of MILESTONE you are well aware of our mission, providing the best life possible for the Individuals we serve.

The phrase “It Takes a Village” is truly applicable to MILESTONE; we serve approximately 250 Individuals in 38 homes throughout the Rockford community. Our Day Training sites are back open and thriving.

The staff that care for the Individuals we serve provide life skills training, safety, support and good times.

We’ve been operating significantly below our full staffing level. Operating 24/7, 365 days a year, the current staffing crisis is unprecedented. However, despite being close to 25% below full staff occupancy, we get by. How? With incredibly dedicated Team Members that put the needs of the Individuals ahead of their own.

Last month we established a “bonus” plan that is based upon the hours worked in the past 12 months. Upon review of each and every staff member, I came across “hours worked” by a good number of employees in excess of 3,000 in the past 12 months; a handful surpassed 4,000 hours worked! A standard 40 hour/week measures 2,080 annually, so we have many Team Members working an average of more than 60 hours/week. This commitment requires sacrificing their own personal lives for the Individuals we serve, covering hours that open positions cannot fill.

Our Human Resources team is recruiting non-stop; you’ve likely seen our television commercials, heard our radio spots and seen billboards throughout the community. We’re spending money recruiting like never before.

There is no “down time” in the MILESTONE mission. We don’t close up shop early due to a staffing shortage. Our Team digs in and does whatever it takes to care for the Individuals they serve. Human spirit doing God’s work. Team members, supervisors, families and the support of the community.

Thank you!

Stay Safe and Stay Strong. These are challenging times, but we’re on a mission!