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Board and Administration

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A team of talented, inspirational Board Members and Administrators


We are proud to present our administrative staff and the inspirational board members that work tirelessly to support us and the individuals we serve. 

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Board Members


Mr. Ronald W. Alden

William Charles Construction

Mr. Jack Kieckhefer

Kieckhefer & Nelson

Mr. George Bass

Country Insurance and Financial Group

Dr. Cyrus Oates

Oates Dental

Mr. Thomas D. Budd

Illinois Bank & Trust

Chris Kinsman

Rockford Public Schools

Mrs. Richard Wickstrand

Community Volunteer

Tom Matus

Helm Group

Ms. Carol Hartline

Williams & McCarthy

Mr. Ben Holmstrom

William Charles Construction

Vickie Kieffer

Community Volunteer



Shawn Way

Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Munson

Chief Financial Officer

Amanda Schroeder

Director of Human Resources

Bill Grahn

Senior Vice President for Adult Services

Linda Thornbloom

Senior Vice President for Children's Services

Lori Neuschwander

Vice President, RocVale

Amber Barcelona

Vice President, Group Homes

Theresa Risser

Vice President, Group Homes

Nina Etchin

Vice President, Elmwood Heights


James Hamilton

Director Emeritus / Founder, Milestone, Inc.